Saturday, 21 January 2012

So the training starts...

Yes training.
I know i'm still quite shocked at the idea too. In my head this is all still just a big joke, i keep waiting for the punch line and it's not coming. It seems like this is all getting a bit serious. As i pondered the reality of what i am embarking on i decided that cycling 800miles on a whim without any training was perhaps a little foolish. So it's started!
I'm a week in and i'm still alive so i guess thats a start.

This is the plan...
Saturday mornings: Get on the trike and go for a ride. I'm trying to work my way up to a 50mile day so i started at 15 and am increasing by 5 miles each week. (Did 20miles today and a apart from jelly legs and a sore bum i'm doing ok. Next week 25!)
Week Days: Down to the gym. I'm trying to get down 4 days a week for an hour each week (I would have done 5 this week but i started getting changed on wednesday and realised i had forgotten my shorts, i decided it was best not to train in my boxers so i went to my mum's for a massive portion of steak and kidney pie.) To start with the whole gym thing was quite pleasant doodling about at my own pace but i have met with the gym manager now who's idea of a work out is considerably more intense than mine so next week might be more painful.

And just incase you didn't believe me... 

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