Tuesday, 12 June 2012

From the River to the Road... (Technically Lochs and Canals but River sounds better)

The last few weeks back at home have flown by. There were so many things I was going to get done and friends I wanted to visit but the time has gone and tomorrow I make my way back to Germany to be reunited with my beloved tricycle.
It was really wonderful to spend some time back at home catching up with my friends and family in Calne. It took a while getting used to being still again, but i soon got used to frequenting my local pubs going for walks and generally dossing around drinking tea with people.

Being back at my home church was so good too. Something I realised while I was away was how much I love church - I'm not talking about sunday services, but church life, family, community and all it's messiness - No community is quite like it. Being without my church family was like missing and eye (or I guess like being an eye and missing the rest of my body) When I walked into the room a few sundays ago  I was almost overwhelmed by the sense of love and family.

I hasn't all been lazing around though. Last week Me, my Brother and Sister and my friend Tim headed up to Scotland to Paddle through the Great Glen from Fort William to Inverness. (I decided after doing so much cycling it was time to give my legs a rest and arms a work out.) ... 2 open canoes, 4 friends, lots of Choritzo and 5 days paddling through incredible scenery. If it wasn't for the miggies, and the fact that i forgot my whisky flask, (which is considered a crime in Scotland) it could almost have been heaven.

So tomorrow morning I head back out to Germany, I was supposed to be getting a lift with a friend at 8 in the morning but I discovered some horrible paperwork that I forgot to do today so looks like it will be a later departure. The Bags are all packed though. I have a large rucksack full of essential art materials and a small suitcase with everything else!

This is the plan as it stands, i'm moving to Germany to go to a Christian Radical Missions School with a charity called Steiger International. The school lasts for 2 months and I really have no idea what to expect... I'm just trusting that this is the right thing for me to be doing right now and that God is in it.  But that's it... Next Chapter here we come...    


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