Monday, 27 August 2012

Back on the road...

...So its been a while.

The last couple of months have been so full in every way that it has been hard to make space in my mind and time in the day to write. But after many, many lectures, a week in Croatia working with a church and hanging out with punks, then coming back to help run a music and arts festival, the school (and the crazy busy summer) is finally over. It has been an amazing time, a time of change and a time for direction... But now its time for the next stage of my Journey.

After a 2 day hitch-hike back and forth from Padderbourn to take my sister to the airport (well closer to the airport at least) I returned to quiet Krogis for a few days of rest and to slowly pack my things and get ready to hit the road again.

My friend patrick arrived back from Poland today and tomorrow we hitch-hike south together for a 2month tour through South France and then on to Turkey. We have been making fire shows together throughout the summer and have decided to spend some time together living off the street and making shows. Then in October we head to Turkey to tour with a Christian street theatre group for a few weeks.

For me this is far more then just travelling. Its about following after the call of God, Seeking him and adventuring with him. He has called me on a wild adventure, but it's not for the sake of adventure its about knowing him. It seems like a life time ago that i set off from Calne in England on my tricycle, I had know idea what i was letting myself in for when i started out on those first few miles, but God has been so faithful and has provided for me at every stage...

So i look forward to the adventures that lie ahead...  

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