Monday, 1 July 2013

Pillar to post.

It's with a bit of a heavy heart that I leave Prague this morning. My bags all packed once again ready wind my way avoiding as many hills as possible down to Vienna. I arrived here on Friday afternoon after a 4 day ride from Dresden, staying in Decin , Usti nad Laben and some forest I found on the way. The Czech Republic is a beautiful country to cycle through, and it was nice to make my way along familiar paths that I cycled with my crazy circus friends last year. The trip hasn't been with out its challenges though. With bike repairs, attempted robberies, and more recently getting fined by the police in Prague for making a mess on the floor with my lamp oil... I am realising that travelling alone really does make you more vulnerable to all kinds of things. Not least all the internal struggles that go with it. My experience here in Prague has been quite mixed, it is with out a doubt a beautiful city, and I have met some really wonderful people here who I have been staying with. But I feel like I haven't really made the best of my time here. Partly down to tiredness and bad moods, And getting fined as I set up for my first real show of the tour didn't help.

Over the last few days i have realised that i have to decide what kind of trip I want this to be. I can let my moods and emotions rule me and be tossed about from pillar to post, and probably get a lot of bruises on the way. Or I can take each new day as a gift, an opportunity, to experience the wonders of this world, to know myself, to seek after God, and to be blessed and be a blessing to the people I meet.
So I set off this morning determined to put the worries/regrets and disappointments of the past few days behind me. 
The sun is shining and I have a beautiful road ahead... So here goes, 5 days to Vienna!

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