Saturday, 10 August 2013

The sweet taste of friends.

I could bairly see the mountains that surrounded us as we stood under the auning of a small cafe hidding from the storm. the mountains loomed over though in a cloak of grey mist. From every direction I hear cracks of thunder and once in I while the grey haze flashed in brilliant light as cracks of lightning filled the sky.
The rain was relentless hammering down on the canopy above us and setting the sea alive with explosions. It wasn't long before there were waterfalls running from the canopy as well.
It was a strange sight after so many days of blistering heat. Even stanger was the feeling off chill, and the desire to find my jumper. But it was buried deep in my rucksack and I would have gotten soaked to the skin trying to find it. So I imbraced the cold... And it didn't last long.
I has been a couple of weeks now since I started cycling along the coast of Croatia and I have encountered some truly encredible places on my way. From the north islands of Krk, Rab and Pag, to Zadar, Split and now finally Dubrovnik. Walking through the old stone streets here, is like stepping into some fairy tale castle. (Except for the hords if tourists making it difficult to move even in some parts) but if can ignor or escape from the bustle then it's like another world.

I am sat now just outside the old town of Dubrovnik filling up on lasagne before heading off into the sunset once again. I will leave Dubrovnik behind and set out through the last most southernly tip of Croatia and into Montanegro. It's strange to think that I am less than 2 weeks away now from Elabasan which is the first of my final destinations.
I will stay with my friends there and make circus workshops with kids from the street and also in the Roma community. And my sister Charlie is coming to visit too! After so long on the road on my own sleeping in different places every night, saying goodbye on a daily basis the thought of being in one place (and one bed) with friends and family around me is a sweet thought indeed...

So sweet it calls for pudding... Yes cheesecake I think. And then I really should ride.

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