Monday, 2 April 2012

From old school to old factory...

Yesterday we waved goodbye to our friends at 'kubiz' the old school we've been staying at the past week. It actually turned out not to a squat but just a very fluid community house project. After an action packed week learning clowning, physical theatre, juggling, dance and even quantum physics, it felt strangely good to be packing my bike up again this time with even more stuff including a giant paper mâché birds head. We were quite a sight as the 3 of us cycled across Berlin one tall one wide and one long all packed full of stuff. We arrived outside an old disused factory which we will be performing in at our going away party on Thursday night. This is also to be our home for the next week but amasingly we have been given a really nice studio apartment next door to stay in. So Last night I came home after an afternoon clowning and passing out flyers on stilts and had a long hot bath, I can't tell you how good that felt. To top it off too I got to sleep in a bed! (admittedly alongside 2 others but on an actual mattress!) So we have 4 days now to prepare and rehearse for out performance on Thursday, between now and then I have to Finnish building a giant bird costume to be warn on stilts. So I am feeling right back at home doing last minute crazy building!

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