Sunday, 29 April 2012

Berlin to Dresden... 200k in 2 weeks?

... So I have sat down to write a dosen times in the last few days but I find myself staring at the screen not quite knowing how express in words what has been happening. The last few weeks have been totally mad, amasing and incredibly challenging. We left ruddersdorf over two weeks ago and have finally made our way to dresden last night. So yes the pace is a little slower than when I was on my own but with 12 people riding bikes of all sizes packed with all kinds of strange implements, some of which are breaking on a daily basis nothing is simple. The first few days were particularly slow as we got used to cycling as a group but we had great fun wild camping in forests and next to lakes. I organised for the group to stay at the Steiger missions base (where i'll be living in a month) near Meissen. I ended up cycling ahead of the group and arriving 2 days before. After Bering together 24/7 for 3 weeks it was really great to have some space to myself. The group finally arrived on Tuesday afternoon in Meissen and we played our first street show together in the market place. It was great to perform together and we made over 100 euros and got given pizza too. Staying with the group at the centre was great but also quite challenging. I found myself caught between too very different value systems which was intensified by misunderstanding. I actually spent 2 days feeling really quite stressed. It was a really good lesson though in communication. We talked afterwards as a group about what it means to respect and each other when we have disagreements and different values, I am reminded again that love is so much bigger than values and ideas. I waved goodbye to the guys at Steiger yesterday morning and rode together with stephano to join the others in Dresden, it was such a beautiful ride along the Elbe but being the first real day of summer it was completely packed, like a bicycle highway. We arrived in Dresden at 5pm and made another show on the street then we headed to the river to watch the sunset and then made fire shows with beepboxind under the bridge watching an incredible firework display. This morning me and Flo headed to church, I didn't understand a word but we had a great time chatting on our way home. Tonight we will go to an alternative church that meets in a factory and then make our way out of the city in the cool of night... so now to the river to enjoy the sun!

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