Sunday, 13 May 2012

Final Destination... for the moment

I am sorry it has been so long since my last post. I am discovering it is quite difficlut to write an online blog when you are constantly on the road and camping in the wild...
So last time i wrote i was in dresden. Ok so alot happened since then, after heading to the factory chuch with Flo we cycled by night together to catch up with the group at a festival at an alternative community 30km East in a small town called Duttersbach - which i am sure i have spelt wrong. The festilval itself i still havent got my head around its called Walpurgisnacht and as far as i know its a whitches celebration for the coming of spring. I decided in the end not to take part in the performance of lighting the fire as i wasnt quite sure weather if it was a ritual or something, in the end it turned out to be more of an exscuse for a party not much different to our bombfire night. We ended up staying with the community for nearly a week which was a really great time. For the next leg of our journey we followed along the river Elbe through some of the most beautiful scenery i have ever seen. My faviroute night was spent sleeping in a hamok in the garden of an old cottage in the mountains overlooking the river. the guy who owned the place invited us to stay with him after saving my trike from falling over a log he was trying to move off the trail. The next morning a few of us headed out for a short hike into the maountains and climbed up to the Bastei - crazy bridges and rock formations, slighty spoilt by ¨the masses of tourists all parked at the car park at the top, but none the less, absolutley beautiful. and it is only a days ride from where i will be living in a few weeks. so come and visit! We played quite a few shows in small towns along the river over the following days and my skin is still a subtle tone of yellow from crazy body paint. We crossed the boarder into the Czech Republic a couple of days ago now and tarmac cycleways turned to dirt and stone as we headed east. I had told the group i would need to turn back by the 14th of May and as the days rolled by it became clear that the group wouldnt reach Prague before then so after a few days of battling in my mind me and one of the girls from the group decided we would say our good buys early and speed on to Prague. So yesterday morning after long farewells we cycled off on our own on what should have been a simple 60k ride. But after deciding to take the scenic route along the river we found our selves pushing our bikes along horribly bumpy and very thin tracks on the side of steep verges into the river. There were at least three occassions when me and my trike nearly fell in. after over an hour of crazy paths we finally made our way back onto decent roads and followed the rest of the way into Prague. We arrived at about 10pm at the house of some freinds of Evas who greated us with amasing food, fresh coffee, hot showers and warm beds. i cant tell you how good it feels! The sad part is that this is the end of the Journey for now. On tuesday morning we turn arround and make our way back to Germany and then i will head my way back to the UK. So i am coming home!... it feels strange to think that after such a long journey it should in theory take only a week to get home. So whos up for a a pint! ...Meet in the Talbot...

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  1. Hi Josh,

    If you happen to be around on your way back to the UK, you are always welcome to spend the night at our place again.
    Just give us a call or mail us a day before or so.

    Lucienne and Chris