Sunday, 23 September 2012

Beds! Beds! Beds!

So after a very long hitch hike from south France we arrived in pula in Croatia on thursday afternoon. It was quite an eventful journey with lots of unlikely sleeping places. One night we slept in a very full vw camper van with a guy who gave us a lift. The next was in the back of a truck parked so close to the motorway it shook every time a truck went past. We maneged to get within 50km of pula by Wednesday night but got stuck in a small town on small roads in the rain so we resorted to finding some shelter on the streets and resumed our journey in the morning. It took us most of the day to make the last few km but we made it. We have spent 3 nights here (and they have been the most increadible nights in soft warm beds.) and have had a really amasing time spending time with the church here that I visited in August. Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the beach remarkably for the first time on our journey. We were joined by some of young people here who then came back and made dinner for us! In the evening we made a show out in the city. But about an hour before I felt so strongly that we should not ask for money but instead share about the love of God with people. Maybe 30 people stayed to watch our show and listened to me speak about knowing who we really are and what we were made for. We spent time afterwards talking with people who had questions. It made me think this is what it's all about! Amazingly too the guys at the church here blessed us with some money for our trip, so God provided for us in his way. Today we wave goodbye to the guys here and make the last stage of our trip to Istanbul. It's the longest hitch hike either of us have ever done and through Serbia, Bulgaria and turkey too. So it will be vey different from travelling in the west. But God is with us so we are excited to see how he will provide this time. So untill Istanbul....

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