Saturday, 29 September 2012


We have arrived in Istambul! It was a very long journey hitching from Pula and icreadibly slow. We waited almost 20hours for a ride in one place. The highlight of the journey was walking through the boarder from Serbia into Bulgaria we lined up with a que of cars standing with our suitcases and rucksacks, we looked quite a sight. We made if as far as Sofia by hitching but need for speed (and the longing for a bed and shower) ment we decided to catchable bus for the last part of the journey. When we had made it into Istanbul at 2:30am we hadn't realised quite how big the city was and it took us another 2 hours to make our way over to the asian side and find the street where we were staying. I say street because it took us another 4hours after that to find the right flat!

We have been here now in this crazy but beautiful city for a couple of days now. And I am really enjoying experiencing Turkish culture from chi, sheesha, fresh mussels, crazy syrup pastes and amasing kababs!
To top it off we got the opportunity to go and see 'Aligria' from cirque du le at the theatre. It was the most amasing circus show I have ever seen, it completely blew me away.

Today we made our first show with the creative arts group we are staying with here. We performed at a local .street arts festival with our circus stuff there was also a couple of dancers, an increadible unicyclist and some great musicians too.  It was great to work with so many increasibly talented people who use their gifts to share the love of God with people. Tomorrow we meet again to rehearse and hopefully head out on the street again in the evening. I am really looking forward to this next week to see what happens. And to see how God guides and uses us.

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