Friday, 2 March 2012

Day 1: Calne to Reading (48 miles)

The journey has begun! After 2 weeks of crazy preparations At 10am this morning I set out from my home in Calne on my wonderful and very heavy Laiden tricycle complete with circus equipment (including a unicycle!) It was quite an emotional morning as many friends came to wave me off and some even brought some wheels and joined me for a few miles (thanks guys!) Today was the first time I had ridden with all my luggage packed up and I deffinatley felt the difference, I was ready to give up a couple of miles in when the first hill hit. Somehow tho I managed to push through and made it all the way to reading by 5pm. I've had a lovely evening spending time with some dear friends of mine sharing takeout and stories. So tomorrow is London and then a day off. Time for bed!

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