Friday, 23 March 2012

I made it to Berlin!!!!

So after 800miles and 21 days on the road, through England, France, Belgium, Holland and Germany I have finally arrived in Berlin! I set off from Hamm and waved goodbye to my last host Ossi 6 days ago now I think. From then on it was wild camping all the way (well except one night when I treated myself to a bed and breakfast.) I cycled for a few hours on the main roads and then joined up with the R1 bicycle route going to berlin. The first night out in the wild was the hardest. I found a great spot in a massive woodland, I set up my tent and even built a fire but it was hard being on my own again. I think one thing this trip has taught me is how important community is. We need each other, that's how we're made. I definately found this. To always be a passing stranger is hard work and very lonely at times. The next day I hit the hills and lots of them too. The route was really beautiful but the constant up and down was really tiring and demotivating. My pace slowed right down and to make things worse the roads were really windy. But that day was a turning point I had to stop counting miles like I was in a race. I knew the days on my own would be hard but I had to embrace them. After all had been praying a few days before "Jesus I just want to get to know you better..." And what better way than 5 days of wilderness. I camped that night beside a river (and I think just behind a sewage works or something, so decided not to drink the water.) The next day the hills got worse and as did the quality of the paths. My whole body was aching and decided I needed to stop short and that I needed avoid nights sleep in a bed. I found a great little guest house in a beautiful town called Goslar. I can't tell you how nice it was to have a shower, use a real toilet and sleep in a warm and comfortable bed! In the morning I had a very large German breakfast and then headed off on my way feeling refreshed and energised. I decided that the hills and cycle tracks were getting too bad and found a way to join up with my orriginal route and headed towards Magdeburg I covered nearly 100km that day and found a beautiful spot next to a lake. By now I had gotten my head around being in the wild and on my own and had a really nice evening beside the campfire reading and generally chatting with God. I had initially hoped I would find someone to stay with but i was glad to be here and I knew I wasn't on my own. The next day was another long ride and this time I stayed in another forest. It was with mixed feelings that I slept my last night out on my own, I was glad I was so close but also strangely sad that this part of my journey was coming to an end. I woke up to blue sky and sunshine and set off for the final 80km leg into Berlin. I had foggotern quite how much I hate cycling in cities but after many detours I finally found the old abandoned school which will be my home for the next 2 weeks. So the first part of my journey has ended, i still havn't got my head round it all yet. But what an experience, it's been a roller coaster of emotions and difficulties but I have been completely overwhelmed by God's goodness and care for me. Tomorrow we start running workshops and rehearsing music and theatre. I think I'm going to become a clown which should be fun! So now to explore Berlin!

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  1. Congratulations Josh!!
    You will be a wonderful clown I'm sure.
    Keep in touch.