Thursday, 1 March 2012

Walking in the Mist

My clock says 00:10 which means it is officially Friday and the day of my departure. After a long, busy and challenging week all the preparations are made, the trike is packed and i'm ready to go... I think?! 
Ready or not, in just under 10 hours i will set off on the 800mile journey from Calne to Berlin. I don't really know quite how i feel right now - excited, terrified, nauseous, sad, tired, hysterical, hopeful... 

This morning I went for a walk with my friend Dave and his wonderfully scraggy dog Lily up on the Cherhill downs, as we have often done over the years. I love those rounding green hills and know them well. The mist was thick and we could only see 100 yards or so in front of us but we made our way up to the top almost feeling our way and then sat at the foot of the monument staring out into a vast whiteness. 
As we looked out into the mist we were reminded of the uncertain journeys that lay ahead of us. 
One of Dave's favourite sayings is "just keep putting one foot in front of the other..." (a saying that sometimes provokes me to throw pillows.) I have know idea what will happen tomorrow, or the day after. The mist is too thick... But i do know this - like i know the downs i've walked 100 times. I believe in a God that knows the way, He won't let me down and he won't leave me. Yes i'm terrified, but I have no need to be... One foot in front of the other... bring it on! 

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